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As promised some of the exciting stuff I was hinting about are just around the corner I hope you'll get your ticket fast and easy to ensure you're part of these exciting events.....sign up it promises to be super exciting..

Safaricom Kenyan Classical Fusion Concert 2010

For the 2nd Year running Safaricom Kenyan Classical Fusion Concert will be happening in the following days and venues are also indicated therein:

Dates: Wednesday 22nd September 2010
Venue:  Great Lake, Butterfly Pavilion (Haller Park), Mombasa
For more Info: click here

Dates: Friday 24th September 2010
Venue: The Nairobi Arboretum
For more Info: click here

Dates: Sunday 26th September 2010- The Kenyan Classical Fusion Grand Concert
Venue: Impala Club Grounds, Nairobi
For more Info: click here

Soweto String Quartet- award winning group from South Africa, Eric Wainaina, Rhoda Ondeng, The Kenya Conservatoire of Music, Nairobi Orchestra, Safaricom Choir, Nairobi Chamber Chorus, Strathmore Chorale, Africa Nazarene Choir, Elizabeth Njoroge, Grace Nangabo, Sylvester Makobi, Atigala Luvai, Bill Rowe, Amy Poole, Diptoo Chakarabati, winners of the Young Musicians Competition 2010 and many more conducted by Ken Wakia. Over 400 performers on stage! An event you can’t afford to miss.

The Jazz Safari 2010

This is also running for the 2nd year and the Safari kicks off in Kampala, Uganda and will culminate in Nairobi, Kenya. The dates and venues are as follows:

Venue: Serena Hall, Kampala, Kenya

Venue: Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya

Featuring: Gerald Albright, Jonathan Butler and Supported by Darlene Moreno

I can't wait ..see you there...


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