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Jamming at the Capital FM Jazz Club Show

Below I've compiled a list of the music I shared yesterday on the Capital FM Jazz Club Show for anyone who might be interested in looking up the music.

Name Track
Gangbe Brass Band
Assiko (Benin)
Soul In Minda (South Africa)
Waitt (Denmark)
Crash and Burn
Maia Von Lekow
Maia Von Lekow (Kenya)
Sunflower Avenue
Yanni (USA)
Yanni (USA)
Dance with A Stranger
The Rippingtons
Life in the Tropics (USA)
Caribbean Breeze
Joseph Hellon
Ekkaleo (Kenya)
Herani Kende
Jazz Tu
The Good The Bad & the Ugali (Kenya)
Blues for Simon

Was a total blast..teamed up with David Njuki and hosted by Jack Ojiambo.
Looking forward to another invite... 


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